Offbeat Vintage Logo Concept

I have a deep affinity for everything vintage. In my spare time, you can catch me thrifting for that perfect pair of Lee Riders and bold button downs with unusual patterns, or perusing the stacks at a used bookstore. I'll be donning my Minolta X-700 around my shoulder, shooting a roll of Ektar 100 or Superia 400, certain not to miss capturing the golden light at dusk.

This love of nostalgia inspired me to create a logo for a brick-and-mortar secondhand store in Philadelphia. My process included brainstorming a target demographic, setting, mood for the brand, and a color palette. The typography chosen is modern, yet nods to vintage hand-painted signs with its organic calligraphy.

The logo is to be used for merchandise, signage and window decals, as well as social media and web assets.


July 2022




Lead Designer