Roy's Motel Risograph Print

Roy's Motel is in the middle of nowhere in the Mojave Desert in Southern California. While I have never visited, I'm completely enamored by its giant Googie neon sign which I've seen photos of on Instagram. I have a fascination with vintage roadside Americana signage and continuously search for great typography out in the wild.

I was inspired to create a risograph print and took a virtual two-color risograph workshop with Taxonomy Press based in Detroit, Michigan. I drew the illustration free-hand in Procreate, and then finalized the artwork within Photoshop. The final composition was set to grayscale and separated into layers using tint percentages in increments of ten.

This was an exciting process for me because I'm used to working within the framework of CMYK digital and offset printing and needed to adjust the way I approached this design. Since risograph ink is formulated to a single color (similar in principle to a Pantone spot color) and laid down in tints using a master image, the composition needs to be broken down into elements. The setup of a risograph print file is similar in principal to a screen print. This process was challenging to learn; however, I'm so thrilled to have learned a new skill and dive into the world of risograph.

The prints are available in a limited edition run of 25 on Big Cartel at the link below.