Superior Chocolatier Beer Can Concepts and Logo Refresh

These are a few unchosen concepts that I created for a project with the team at Singletary Design Group. We were asked by Superior Chocolatier in collaboration with Flagship Brewery, both based in Staten Island, to design a beer can label for their new Superior Cream Ale. This beer was launched in the early spring, and our client was seeking a design and color palette that was bright, fresh, and colorful. I was inspired by images of flora, water, and sunsets. Staten Islanders have strong pride for their borough so it was critical to include cultural elements as hallmarks of their brand.

Additionally, I worked on a logo refresh for the brand. Superior has been well-established and renowned locally for decades; however, the owner felt that the original logo appeared a bit dated. We were tasked with the role of modernizing it. My updated logo pays homage to the historic, fairy-tale-like feel of the brand while simplifying the linework and choosing a typeface that feels contemporary.

The typefaces used for the refreshed logo are Bilderberg Regular by Almeera Studio and Univers LT STD by Linotype.


April 2022


Superior Chocolatier